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Welcome to Fleur Melville Therapies.

I invite you to connect, discover, expand and heal. 

I offer this with intention, integrity, kindness, experience and optimism. 

Treatments are by appointment in Bristol city centre and online.

Please contact me to discuss therapies.
Fleur Melville Therapy Bristol


Homeopathy is one of the most widely used forms of complementary medicine in the world today. It is a complete system of medicine which can help mental, emotional and physical illness. 

Homeopathic medicines are prescribed to treat the whole person. The emotional symptoms of the client are just as important as the physical, so a remedy will be selected to cover the person as a whole.



Massage has the capacity to help mental and emotional stress as well as the physical stresses that the muscles hold, reducing physical muscular pain and relaxing a stressed mind and nervous system. 


Massage can help many acute issues such as muscular back pain, neck pain or whiplash, tension headaches, and sciatica.  It can also enhance sleep and help menopausal women with irregular sleep patterns. 


Deep Body Psychotherapy

Our life experiences in our bodymind travel with us, unconsciously, forming habitual thoughts, attitudes, patterns and at times dissociation and physical and emotional pain.  


Together we try to uncover the sensations, emotions and physical manifestations of your life’s journey that have formed patterns that no longer serve you. We can explore what needs to be rediscovered enabling healing to begin.



Reflexology is a combination of foot massage accompanied by applying pressure to certain points of the feet and hands to treat particular complaints, to de-stress, relax, detox and balance the body's systems. 


Reflexology can be used as a one-off relaxation treatment, or to try and ease presenting symptoms.  One-off treatments can help, but a series of treatments are recommended if you wish to help a long term or chronic issue. 



"Fleur’s easy-going manner, natural empathy and considerable skills are the perfect combination. I recommend her unconditionally and without hesitation."

Debra – Insurance Analyst

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