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Alpana – Homeopath

"After experiencing recurring lower back pain and neck stiffness I decided to see Fleur for a massage. Unlike any other massage, Fleur uses her body psychotherapy knowledge to talk through the knots and pains. Fleur beautifully explains why our bodies may be tense in certain areas and provides lifestyle advice and techniques that can reduce the issues. I would highly recommend her. After each session I felt a lot lighter and more informed about my body."


Marianna – Psychotherapist

"I first found Fleur 15 odd years ago, when I was a struggling mum of two small boys, seeking reflexology for stress and exhaustion. I was nervous about letting my guard down but Fleur’s warm, compassionate presence and intuitive touch was so relaxing, I 'forgot' my children for one blissful hour and left rejuvenated. Unsurprisingly I returned for more! Empathetic and dedicated, Fleur provides a feeling of safety where you can offload your hopes and fears without judgement. She is kind, patient and understanding. By taking the time to listen, she works intuitively, tuning in, linking and alleviating problem areas not just in your feet but your body, mind and soul. Her holistic approach has helped me through stress and insomnia, grief, divorce and recovery. I always look forward to my treatments with Fleur and leave feeling balanced and happy. Having continued to see her on a regular basis for reflexology, homeopathy and body psychotherapy, I recommend you do the same!"


Liz – Psychotherapist/Acupuncturist

"I saw Fleur at the beginning of the first lock down. I had been suffering with a chronic case of hives for about five months. I was in hell both physically and emotionally. Fleur was amazing, she held such a safe strong space for me listening to my whole story and checking in regularly with me. I felt understood, heard, and held.

My skin began to clear up with homeopathy and I slowly began to step out of hell and back to wellness. I have recommended lots of people and my kids to Fleur. I am forever grateful for her knowledge and kindness."


Debra – Insurance Analyst

"I was lucky enough to find Fleur at a local well-being centre, where I benefited from her considerable reflexology skills, as well as her homeopathic knowledge. I continued to see her for many years for reflexology and always walked out feeling better than I walked in. Fleur’s easy-going manner, natural empathy and considerable skills are the perfect combination. I recommend her unconditionally and without hesitation."


Davina – Health Promotion Specialist

"I met Fleur nearly 20 years ago at a NHS community funded health and wellbeing event. What impressed me about Fleur was not just her vast knowledge of reflexology and its benefits but also her warm approach, which made me feel totally at ease to book my first appointment. Fleur’s reflexology and homeopathy treatments helped me with painful period pains and other ailments. I found that having regular sessions with her left me feeling balanced and more able to deal with life’s challenges. So good were her treatments that I booked reflexology sessions for my partner, Dad, family and friends."


Aroob - Mother

"When I was first given Fleur's details, I was sceptical of homeopathy. However I will never look back. Fleur has helped my family and I so much in the past six months, with healing grief trauma, kids' ailments and touching on our mental and physical wellbeing. We are so used to seeing the typical GP and flooding our bodies with different types of medication, it's refreshing to know that there are alternative types of treatment ridding ourselves of any drugs and their side effects.

Fleur is extremely welcoming and warm which makes opening up to her a doddle. I highly recommend her services to all that may be wondering if it's something they may like to try. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my own or my children's health as much as I do her."


Gabrielle – Charity Consultant

"I discovered Fleur after I had given birth and her treatments made such a huge difference to how I felt, both mentally and physically. Her very presence made me feel calm and totally at ease, she is a gifted therapist and a true healer, passionate about her field and has seemingly endless knowledge about health and complementary therapies. I learned so much from my time in her company and left the table positively floating! I referred her to my family and friends; my mum would even pre-book her treatments before booking her flights from Ireland. Since Fleur moved from London I haven’t found anyone else who provides truly holistic and highly effective care with such compassion. I may have to visit Bristol to get my fix!"

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