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Deep Body Work – Body Orientated Somatic Psychology


Consider both the psyche and the body as one - the Bodymind.


We carry our life experiences in our bodymind. They travel with us, unconsciously, forming habitual thoughts, attitudes, patterns and at times dissociation and physical/emotional pain.  


Together we try to uncover the sensations, emotions and physical manifestations of your life’s journey that form patterns that no longer serve you or make you feel stuck or hopeless or in pain. With curiosity we can explore together the more forgotten internal information that needs to be rediscovered enabling a journey of healing to begin.

Deep Bodywork can include conversation, touch, massage, posture, breath work, meditation, sound and movement. It aims for the client to be able to both express and connect with all parts of themselves, both old and new.

Deep body psychotherapy Bristol

The aim for me is to provide a safe space to explore and accompany you on your individual journey of discovery with intention, empathy and kindness always working at a pace you feel is ok for you. 


Deep Body Work – body orientated somatic psychology is founded on the principles of Neo-Reichian body psychotherapy, relational psychotherapy, Gestalt and Postural integration.

I trained with Silke Ziel at the Entelia Institute in the Open Centre, London, and also Dr Asaf Rolef Ben Shahar IMT (Integrative Mindbody Therapy). Their collective experiences and training generously provided my learning with their exceptional knowledge, individual skills and experiential learning methods to which I give a great deal of gratitude.



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