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About Fleur

I started my journey into the healing arts in my early 30’s. I was unwell and in pain, and I found my doctor unable to help me. At this point I successfully turned to homeopathy and herbal medicine and realised that we all have a wide range of choices when it comes to our own healing path.


Inspired by my own recovery I went on to qualify as a Reflexologist in 2000, as a Homeopath in 2004, as a Massage Therapist in 2012 and as a Deepbody - Somatic Psychotherapist in 2014. I have been in practice for over 20 years, first in central London and now in Bristol where I currently live. 


For several years I had the privilege of working for Ainsworths homeopathic pharmacy in Marylebone, London. I was an acute homeopathic consultant on their UK helpline and also in the pharmacy dispensing homeopathic prescriptions. My homeopathic education was expanded daily by the expansive knowledge of my fellow homeopaths.

Fleur Melville reflexology Bristol

My interest in mental health and acknowledging my own social anxiety led me to become Co-Director of SASH in Old Street, London for seven years. I would run and facilitate drop-in groups and closed therapy groups for individuals suffering from social anxiety.  


Over the years I have seen and treated an expansive range of presenting symptoms both physical and or mental and emotional. I mix and match my skills as needed, offering a fully holistic approach to my client's wellbeing and healing process.


Along my journey I have increasingly become interested in mental health and have witnessed how often our emotional and physical symptoms are symbiotic. I hold a safe space to explore emotions old and new, and discover how they intertwine with our physical health. 

I currently volunteer at Womankind and SARSAS in Bristol. Both charities work with women who have survived sexual or domestic abuse. I am a befriender and have also worked on the regional sexual violence survivor helpline.

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